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ASMPI was created in 2012 as a spin off from IMF d/b/a CMI. CMI grew out of Chicago Commons Industrial, which began in 1981 to meet the needs of Chicago, IL. residents for job skills training and manufacturing firms for technically skilled production employees. One of CMI's training programs is automatic screw machine setup / operator.

I became partners with CMI (now IMF) in 1992 / 2005, first as the lead instructor then director. I was not only instrumental, but a major part in revamping the whole curriculum program.

Having thoughts about it for some time, after leaving and becoming a toolmaker. Screw machine companies are all over the USA with the average age being 65, leaving us no time before the largest pool of retirement (43,000 / 78,000). There are 3,000 plus companies, with an average of 35 employees (around 105,000, gives us 4.0 employees per company retiring. 3,000 @ 4.0 equals12, 000 possibly retiring. So the market is unlimited. We would like to see 900 students per year to keep up with the foreseeing demands. Each program will be driven by manufacturing needs. With developed criteria, individuals have the highest chance to succeed. Any firm interested in partnering with us will give us the drive and devotion to replace the many veteran machinists ready to retire. We will work with any manufacturing firm or trade association committed to our partnership.

ASM Production Impact, Inc. is a company that specializes in training for entry level automatic screw machine employees and was incorporated in 2012. The owner, Patrick Nessmith, saw that there was a growing demand for workers in the screw machine industry because of the high volume of individuals available to take retirement beginning in 2012. There is a growing need throughout the United States for machine operators that have the necessary skills to provide in a competitive work force. No longer are the basics skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic sufficient for business to stay competitive. Employers are looking for motivated employees that have the skills to solve problems, work with their hands and think creatively. These employees must be able to verbalize thoughts and work as a team. These skills are critical for a business to compete in today’s market and remain competitive for future decades.



Most of our candidates enrolled in our program will come directly from local prisons, current screw machine manufacturers, dislocated and economically disadvantage worker, and high schools. ASM Production Impact, Inc. will have a certificate of approval to operate by the SBE, and Accredited. ASM Production Impact, Inc.'s goal is to be the first choice for screw machine technical training in the United States within five years. To achieve this we must meet our customer's needs including solid easy-to-learn curriculum, strong relationships with government institutions, and industry contacts for job placement. Our growth strategy combines low cost for enrollment and strong educators.


  • Two - 33 week training programs for Youth Build of Rockford working with economically disadvantage students. (Rockford)
  • One - 26 week training programs for Driv-Lok of Sycamore working with economically disadvantage Laotian students.
  • One - 14 week training programs for Ingersoll working with handpicked students.
  • Three and a half - 38 weeks training program for Chicago Manufacturing Institute working with less-offenders, dislocated and economically disadvantage students.
  • Six - 16 week training programs for Illinois Manufacturing Foundation (formally CMI) of Chicago working with less-offenders, dislocated and economically disadvantage students.
  • 95 percent placement rate. (Chicago Manufacturing Institute)

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